Sports, Awards & Rewards

Sports, Awards & Rewards


A person experiences a good quality of breathing because of Sports. Sport is certainly an excellent tool to build self-confidence. Playing Sports increases confidence to talk properly. A sport certainly improves the skills of communicating with others.

Now a days sports and games are taken to be a good career option. Outdoor games like Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Archery,Kabaddi etc, stimulates the sense of coordination, team spirit etc.As well as indoor games like carrom, chess, Table tennis, etc. improves mind mapping, strategies and concentration level. So, the sports committee of our college put on efforts to develop the students with the help of sports events.


Students went to Vellore for sports and Miss.Pongodi of Microbiology got III prize in helf Marathon

28.01 2005

Vollyball team and kho-kho team went to Auxillium college for university sports meet


Students of our college went to Sarugani Idhaya College for Volleyball Tournament conducted in Inter collegiate level.


Our college students S.Vijaya(II-Physics),Poomalli (I-Microbiology) and Sudha(I-B.Com) were participated in the Inter collegiate sports competition in Neyveli.Poomalli of Microbiology Department and Sudha of Commerce Department were selected as the University players in Kabadhi.


Our college athelete team went to Neyveli for sports meet.


Our college Vollyball team went to Idhaya College Sarugani for Inter collegiate sports meet


Two of our students Poonkodi, Microbiology department and Marymalathi of Commerce department went to Thirunelveli for District sports meet.


Sports Day of our college was Celebrated in a grand manner.Mr.Pukhazhanthi District sports officer, Tiruvannamalai was the chief guest.The program started with the March past. After that the students carried the Olympic light and the chief guest lighted the Olympic fire. Rev.Fr.Gnana Jothi, Mr.Selva sekaran, Mother Susai Mary and the Physical Director of Sahaya Madha Matriculation School were also the Chief guests.

Mr.Pugazhenthi District Sports officer, Tiruvannamalai distributed prizes to the students. Rev.Sr.Maria Glory the principal presented him a shield as the memorial of “FIRST SPORTS MEET”.


Our college students participated in Inter Collegiate Competitions.They played kabadi in Kottai,Vellore.


From our college 12 students went to Neyveli for ‘Athletic Meet’. Miss.Soosai Mary from III-B.A-English Litrature was selected as a University player and sent to Kerala to play Kho-Kho.


On that day our students went to Tiruvannamalai to play Chief Minister’s, Trophy Hockey Tournament in District Stadium. They got (Rs.18,000) prizes and won the match and winner certificates. Mr.Gnana Sekaran the District Collector, Tiruvannamalai, distributed the prizes to the winners.


On that day University Inter Collegiate and Inter divisional sports were conducted in our college for 2 days (7.11.2013 & 8.11.2013) in First day Inter-divisional sports was conducted. The Chief guest was Dr.ReetaAmmal, Convener of Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore. There were 3 colleges were participated, Kamban College for Women, Government Arts College,Tiruvannamalai and Idhaya College for Women,Pudupalayam. Finally Idhaya College has won the Match.


On second day (08.11.2013) Inter-collegiate Hockey Tournament was conducted.In that function Dr.A.Amul Dass,M.P.Ed,M.Phil.N.I.S Director of Physical Education and Sports Thiruvalluvar University ‘Mr.K.Pugalendhi District Sports Officer’ and youth welfare officer, Tiruvannamalai and Dr.A.P.Kawaskar Convenor of Cuddalore division were participated namely Cuddalore division, Villupuram division and Vellore division.In that tournament the winner cup was received by our college.


Our college student E.Priya from I-Physics is selected as a Thiruvalluvar University Kabadi player.


C.M.Hockey Trophy in Tiruvannamalai level was conducted and seven of our college students has participated in the hockey team and won 3rd Place.Our each students received cash award of Rs.50,000 individually.

Students name are:

  • Anushiya R II BA English
  • Anushiya. P II B.SC. computer science
  • Bhuvana A- II B.Sc Computer science
  • Deepa M- II B.Sc. computer science
  • Kavitha K- II
  • Priya G- II computer science
  • Vinothini P- II B.Sc. Computer science

This success is a stepping stone to our Students to achieve more in sports and in life and all of these 7 of students were Selected for Thiruvannamalai Hockey team.

02.11.2015 to 05.11.2015

Our college Hockey team participated in University Level Hockey tournament at Mysore and our students got participation certificates. Through this game they got good experience to win in the future tournaments which even they would participate.


Our college hockey team participated in hockey tournament for C.M. Trophy at Chennai.They received certificates for their participation.


On 29.01.2016 our college hockey team participated in the district level C.M.Trophy tournament and won Second palce and cash award Rs.13.500/-


Our college kabadi team participated in District level kabadi tournament and has won Second place and cash award Rs.9000/-.

11.02.2016 to 13.12.2016

Our college students has won First place at Regional level C.M.Trophy Tournament conducted from 11.02.2016 to 13.02.2016 at Chennai.Each winners has received the cash of Rs.5000

The following name list :

  • R.Anushiya -III B.A.English
  • P.Anushiya -III Computer science
  • BA.Bhuvana -III Computer science
  • P.Vinothhini – III Computer science

11.02.2016 to 13.02.2016

Our college Hockey team participated in District level C.M.Trophy and has won 2nd place with cash award Rs.13,000 and went Regional level C.M.Trophy and won First place with cash award Rs.20,000.

11.02.2016 to 25.02.2016

Our college students represented by the Tamil Nadu hockey bteam selected for NATIONAL LEVEL HOCKEY TOURNAMENT IN PATNA.


Our College students M.Deepa-III-C.S,S.Booshma II-B.Com,K.Kavitha III-B.Com, were selected for TAMIL NADU STATE HOCKEY TEAM and they participated have state level Hockey Tournament on 14.12.2016 at Patna-Bihar state and received Participation certificates.

09.08.16 to 10.08.2016

Sports Day:-

We have celebrated our sports day on 9th and 10th of August.Our secretary Sr.Julia Violet inaugurated the events Off:

  • Throw Ball
  • Kho-kho
  • Kabadi
  • Leg cricket

by Mr.Sathish kumar,Physical Director. In throw ball winners are Maths department and runners are Department of Commerce .In Kho-Kho winners are Department of Commerece and runners areDepartment of Computer Science.In kabadi winners are Physics department and runners are English department. In Leg Cricket winner are Physics department and runners are C.S department.


On 27.08.2016 the students participated Inter Divisional Kh0-Kho at APCOS College,Kalavai.Radhika from I-Maths selected for University Kho-Kho Team remaining students won the participation certificate.


On 14.09.2016 our students participated Kabadi at STAD, Tiruvannamalai. E.Priya,S.Abirami from III-Physics selected for Tiruvannamalai District kabadi team.

Sports Competations-2017-2018 Participating the Inter-Collegiate Competition 2017-2018-Thiruvalluvar University



Place:Kamban College-Tiruvannamalai

One student selected for Inter-Divisiional Kho-Kho Tournament and got 3rd Prize.


Mr.Sathish the Physical Director of our college who worked here for years has resigned his job and went to other college.



On 24th June Miss.Megala is appointed as the new Physical director of our college.

26.07.2019 to 02.07.2019

Intrested students name list for all the events were done by the new P.E.T


On 4th July 2019 Ms.Megala participated in the meeting held at Thiruvalluvar University,Vellore.It was a 13th General Board Meeting for Physical education.

In that meeting following points were discussed

  • Selection of convenor for the University
  • Men and Wkomen convenor for the vellore division was selected.
  • The problems usually faced by the students when they go for tournament to various places.

05.07.2019 to 12.07.2019

Students were selected for various tournament for the University.


Ms.Megala went to University to receive from Three certificates for Anandhi and 3 other students due to various reasons it was rejected.


Ms.Megala participated in the General body meeting of Vellore Diviaion at Shanmuga Industries Arts and Science College,T iruvannamalai.In that meeting dates and timing of Inter Collegiate Tournament were fixed.


Ms.Megala went to Thiruvalluvar University for the rectificial of Kabadi match which was conducted at Anand Arts and Science College,Thandrampet.


Our college students participated in Rural games Taamilnadu Championship-2019 held at success Academy,Pudupalayam.Winners were honoured with medals and certificates.

09.12.2019 to 14.12.2019

OWent as a sports team manager for Thiruvalluvar University for “South zone Inter University table tennis women Tournament”conducted in Vijayavada,Andra Pradesh On 15th 2019 went to Govt. Girls .Hr.Sec.School, Pudupalayam to search for sports students.


Went along our student to Shanmuga Industries of Arts and Science college,Tiruvannamalai for District level speech competition.


Went along with a passed out kabadi students Priya to Thiruvalluvar University to receive from 3 certificate


On 25.01.2020 Selvi Dhanalakshmi I-B.A-English student participated in the open match conducted at Erode for Tamilnadu Kabadi match and succeeds Ist Place and received Rs.4000 cash award and a shield from the District Collector of Dharmapuri.

Tamil Nadu Kabadi Match

19/2/21 to 24/02/21

Dhanalakshmi I. BA English Participated and reached 2nd round among the 16 state Players who have come from Various Places of Tamil nadu.

on 24th 25th 26th a Place called Amaishur situated in Karur. Selvi. Dhanalakshmi I. B.A English was Selected in Tamil Nadu open meet and received certificate.


Dhanalakshmi I-B.A-Eng Participated in a open match conducted in Coimbatore and succeeded into 2nd place among all the players of all over Tamil Nadu.


A Rural Game State Level match was conducted in Karur. Dhanalakshmi I.B.A English was Selected for Tamil Nadu the match between Thiruvannamalai D.t and Erode Succeeded as Ist place and received a shield and certificates.


On 27.09.2021 State Level Kabadi Match held at Bharathidhasan Higher Secondary school Arakonam, Chennai. In that match our students students K.Manjudharani from II BBA and S.Dhanalakshmi from II BA belongs to Phoenix Birds Kabadi Team from Tiruvannamalai, among 10 teams won the championship and certificate.


Sports Competitions – 2021 2022 Participating the Inter – Collegiate Competition 2021 2022 Thiruvalluvar University

On 09.12.2021 Physical Education Directress Meeting was held at Thiruvalluvar University Vellore. Under the guidance of our Register and Controller of the Examination vellore Division Convenor Mrs. Yoga priya discussed about 2021- 2022. Inter College Tournament.


On 11. 12. 2021 we have received the details of the Inter College Match schedule and the Places of the Events.

Kabadi Match:

On 15. 12. 2021 Our College 15 Kabadi Students along with our physical Directress Mrs. A. Nirmal and the Kabadi Coach Mr. Sakthi went to Marudhar Kesari Jain college for women, Vaniyambadi.


16. 12. 2021 Our Students at first played With DKM College after Succeeding 2nd time played with MKKW college and for the 3rd time played with Auxiliam Autonomus College. S. Dhanalakshmi II B.A. English and K. Manjudharani II BBA were selected for University Divisional Match.

Hockey Match:

On 16.12.2021 Our College 16 students along with Mrs. Mrs Jayarani libranian and the Coach Mr. Ambakar went to Marudhar Kesari Jain college for wemon. Vaniyambadi After reaching the destination she left the Hockey students and brought back our Kabadi Student to our college

On 17.12. 2021 Our Students played with Marudhar kesari Jain college and got defeated. So Mrs. A. Nirmala Physical Directress brought back the Students to their destination.