Computer Laboratory

Computer teaching plays a key role in the modern systems of education. The ability to use the computer in today’s world is very important. For this purpose Computer Labs should be well equipped in colleges. Use of Computer lab is not restricted only for computer teaching but other subject teacher can also use the technology for effective teaching learning in their subjects. Internet can play an important role in education. As it is an enormous information base, it can be harnessed for the retrieval of information on a wide variety of subjects. The Internet can be used to refer to information on various subjects to be taught to the students. Students find it easier to refer to the Internet than searching for information in fat reference books. The process of learning has gone beyond learning from prescribed textbooks.


While computer labs are generally multipurpose, some labs may contain computers with hardware or software optimized for certain tasks or processes, depending on the needs of the institution operating the lab.

  • The Computer Labs are under surveillance by CCTV Camera.
  • The computer labs are well equipped with air-conditioner and power backup facility.
  • College provides 20 Mbps Leased-Line Internet for student and staff to enrich their subject and research skills.
  • All the computers are connected with LAN.
Name of the Laboratory Number of Computers Configuration Users Labs Conducted
Computer Lab 51 Processor: Intel Core I3
I Year Programming in C Lab
C++ & Data Structures Lab
II Year Java Programming Lab
III Year Mobile Application Development Lab
Operating System Lab
Open Source Software Lab
ASP.Net Lab
Python Lab

Wherever there are more than one computer labs in the college, to ensure bettermanagement, security and monitoring, all the labs must be established same floor /block of the building.
Duty / Responsibility of cleanliness of the labs and the equipment should be judiciously assigned to vidyalaya sub-staff and monitored.
AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract must take into account regular visits by the hardware engineer, at least once in 15 days, for smooth functioning of computer hardware and software installed in the school.
Electrical Maintenance: Use certified electrical fixtures. Power points should be checked for any naked wires, non functionality, switch failure etc. Check the tube lights and exhaust fans regularly.
Stock Verification: Must be carried out thoroughly at the end of the financial year.
Condemnation: The equipment that becomes non functional due to routine wear and tear or with time should be condemned as per proper guidelines and procedures.
Procurement:The equipment (hardware and software) needed as per changes in syllabi or other departmental requirements must be procured immediately. Must acquire original software and certified / well reputed hardware.
Lab attendant: At least one lab attendant must be present in the lab for taking care of the accessories in lab.



  • Be respectful, responsible & ready to learn when you are in the lab.
  • Treat the computers with care.
  • Press the keys of the keyboard gently.
  • Log out & shut down the PC when class is over.
  • Use only the computer you are assigned to.
  • In case you want to use your CD or pendrive seek permission from your teacher.
  • Remove your shoes outside lab in shoe rack.
  • Come to lab in proper lines with your computer notebook.


  • Don’t change the background on the computers or download any files without permission.
  • Don’t play games or use disruptive Web sites.
  • Don’t download any files (or any other software) onto the computers.
  • Don’t disconnect the keyboard, mouse, monitor printer or any peripheral if the PC is powered on at the mains.
  • Don’t install any software without permission.
  • In case you want to use your CD or pendrive seek permission from your teacher.
  • Don’t use personal media without permission.
  • Don’t use pen drive without Scanning on an anti-virus.