Add on course of Chemistry

I. Practical sessions for grade 12 students (25.08.2019)

As it is the charism of our Founder Rev.Fr Louis Savinien Dupuis for FIHM congregation the preference assured for girl children’s education. Having the chrism in our minds the maximum possibilities have been organised for grade 12 students who are studying around the schools. Mainly 10th, 11th, 12th students from Pudupalyam Girls higher secondary school, Chengam GHSS, Sacred Heart HSS and Ramakrishna HSS, Chengam were present at Idhaya college premises. This programme was continued at regular intervals of every 3rd weak end of the month. There were 52 students were divided in to three small groups for teaching them the experiments. Inorganic Qualitative analyses, Organic qualitative analysis, estimation and Basics of chemistry experiments were carried out for 11th 12th students and for all the other students English grammar was taught. We found it was real need for these entire students in this locality to prepare for their state board exams as well as to improve the practical skills for our college students.