About Chemistry

Welcome to the department of chemistry, Idhaya College of arts and science for women, Pudupalayam, and Thiruvannamalai. The department is situated in the college left wing of the ground floor. The department of chemistry was established in 2018. It’s a new course stated demands of the people in the local area. The chemistry course is affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University. The curriculum is well designed according to the university norms and supported it in the filament of the student’s Excellency in their subject’s knowledge. There is a constant support to make the students in learning and in developing their skills by the department’s fireless, countless and selfless services.

The department consists of spacious laboratory whereby 40 students can carry out their practical’s at a time and it is fully equipped with all the apparatus and instruments, there is a continuous assessments test conducted at regular intervals and more importantly special attention is given to make the students under during revision season for the better preparation of their semester exams in which they prove their Excellency.

Scope of chemistry

We welcome you to be past in the family of Idhaya College and we assure you to past take in all your success. Study of chemistry involved in various fields of technology, pharmacology, mineralogy, laboratories, medical clinics, form lands. lots of hopes are there for their future carriers such as analytical chemist, biomedical chemist, chemical engineering associates, Industrial research scientist, lab assistant, mater4ials technologist, production officer, quality controller, research and development manager, R&D director post safety health and environment specialist.

They can also be placed in all manufacturing industries and dairy product manufacturing industries, dying industries, waste management industries.

Future plans to be implemented in 2019- 2020

1. Making arrangements for the industrial visit.

2. Occupying students with small scale projects such as

  • Harmful gas absorption

1. Soap making

2. Helium gas preparation

3. Production of PH paper

  • Dye preparation
  • Making perfume

1. Providing chances for outreach programmes to the students.

Happy journey to ICASW


Professor and Head.