About English Department

Our college is one of the best institutions in Thiruvannamalai district. We are having altogether Ten departments, It gives me immense pleasure to lead the department of English. English department strives hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standard to achieve academic excellence in field of communication skills. Apart from considering the poor educational background of our students, tests are conducted periodically and questions are framed in the pattern of university exams. The prime motive of our department is to provide quality education to our students. The process of learning English is extremely important in life, Why you learn, how you learn and where you learn play a crucial role in developing one intellectual capability. The excellent infrastructure, teaching faculties of the best king ensuring quality education such as interacting among students, parents and staff to give better education to the students.

For better communication we have ILM classes. It helps the students to speak English fluently In our college library; enough books and periodicals are available for the student’s reference. The English department association “ARUNDHATHIROY” functions in our college to provide opportunities to the students to develop their talents in various fields and conducts seminars and workshops.

Our department aims at the higher quality of education for women irrespective of caste and creed with preferential option for the social minority. It strives at the growth of whole persons, academic excellence individual development of skills and character formation based on spiritual and moral values. Thus we are continent that our department will emerge as as assets not only to this institution and to the society.

Happy journey to ICASW


Professor and Head.