Outreach Program

On 30.11.2019 and 04.01.2020 we have conducted the Outreach Programmes. It was guided by Ms.Arunadevi, Mrs.Gayathri and Mrs.Virgin Cardelia Professors of Department of Mathematics. The program was carried out with the help of our student Selvi.S.Sindhu from II Mathematics.

We have a talented team of Staff and student who work hard to communicate their love of Mathematics to the wider community. Whatever the medium, our goal is to change the public perception of Mathematics as being dull, boring and useless and to show people that Maths is actually a beautiful, elegant and creative subject that underpins much of modern society.

This is a workshop for children aged 7-14. The students have come from various villages of Pudupalyam, Kanji, Nammiyandhal and Periyeri. During this Program our staff gave a brief introduction about Mathematics, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and symbols etc.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in schools. At least till a child turns 16-which means every child has to learn Math. Reason to study Mathematics are

  • Math is useful
  • Math trains the mind
  • Math is part of our cultural heritage
  • Excellent for your brain
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Helps almost every career
  • It is the universal language

Through this program, the school students developed their skills and learnt enthusiastically.