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Lady hawk academy   Activities

13.04.2021 Icw Initiative Meeting:

Our college and Lady hawk Academy jointly took an initiative and created a group with the name ICW TVM in order to develop the communication skills of our faculties and students of all departments. The entire college students were divided into 5 groups with a staff co-ordinator to lead and encourage the group.

Group-1 Mrs.Hemalatha (Group Admin & coordinator)

  • All our faculties (42)
  • II M.A (17) totally 95 members

    Group-2 Mrs.Kala (Group Admin & coordinator)

  • II Chemistry (39)
  • II C.s (25)
  • II Maths (18)
  • II Micro (36)
  • II physics (24) totally 142 members
  • Group-3 Mrs.Nithya prakesh (Group Admin & coordinator)

  • II English (39)
  • II Tamil (32)
  • II BBA (18)
  • II B.Com (32)
  • II BCA (21) totally 142 members
  • Group-4 Mrs.Nithya Anto (Group Admin & coordinator)

  • I Chemistry (9)
  • I CS (21)
  • I Maths (13)
  • I Micro (19)
  • I Physics (15)
  • II M.Com (7) totally 84 members
  • Group-5 Mrs.Dhanalakshmi (Group Admin & coordinator)

  • I English (26)
  • I Tamil (28)
  • I BBA (18)
  • I BCA (15)
  • I B.Com (33) totally 118 members

Mr.Lokesh at (13.04.2021) had conducted a Google meet with our principal and our college secretary and the group Admin coordinator he shared his view about this group and the group ADMIN coordinators will be responsible for their group to be dynamic and active. He said that Lady Hawk English Academy has come forward to do this at free of cost for our college. So all are encouraged to give their full cooperation and also to subscribe the channel for updates.

We said from tomorrow from 14th that is TAMIL NEW YEAR DAY 14th morning the lessons will be displayed and in the evening the participants has to do their activity with our college group name.

15.04.2021 –“English is the major window of the world’’ as per this saying to develop English communicative skills among faculties and students of our college and Lady Hawk Academy jointly took initiative for a Faculty Development programme on 15.03.2021 at 2pm via Google meet.

Rev.Dr.Sarajasmin our principal welcomed all the faculties and Mr.Lokesh Babu who addressed the faculties and spoke about the importance of communicative skills and insisted everyone to spend some time to enrich the vocabulary and to learn idioms and phrasel verbs to get command over English language. Lady Hawk attendance and the daily activity evidence should be submitted and to be filled by the in- charge staff members of Mrs.Hemalatha and Mrs.Nithya Anto. This program will help us in many ways while we apply for NAAC and other upgradations.He insisted to do all exercises and activities given through LADY HAWK ENGLISH ACADEMY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Then faculties asked their doubts Finally Miss.Dhanalakshmi proposed vote of thanks.

06.05.2021 Received a Message From Lady Hawk Academy:

Today we have received a message from the Director of LADY HAWK ACADEMY starting Good morning! Thanks for the efforts taken to implement our REPS (Regular English practice standard) .As an initiative to make the program as a BEST PRACTICE of the college we propose to have a meeting with the co-ordinators of (Lady Hawk ICW whatsapp group).Kindly arrange for the same ASAP(Arrange as soon as possible)

10.05.2021 Google Meet With Kady Hawk Director:

Sister principal Dr.Sara Jasmine has invited a group co-ordinators from our college to attend a Google meet at to discuss the smooth functioning of the group. The group participants are

  • Mrs.Antony shanthi
  • Mrs.Hemalatha
  • Mrs.Kala
  • Miss.Dhanalakshmi
  • Miss.Kavitha
  • Mrs.Tamilselvi
  • Rev.Sr.Amali
  • Lady Hawk Director Mr.Lokesh
  • Rev.Sr.Julia Violet
  • Rev.Sr.Sara Jasmine

1. Mrs.Hemalatha

TDue to Net connectivity we are not able to finish up. Because of the area where we live we don’t get Net connectivity. So we couldn’t do it regularly.

Mr.Lokesh:-Thanks for your information as you know its completly online activity so, we don’t have any option try to reach the place where you get the Net connectivity because our activities is not take more than 20 min.

2. Mrs. Antony Shanthi

Vocabulary section it is not understandable because it is pronounced fast.

Mr.Lokesh:-Complexity of the words are too high. A word is a word. This is nothing called-word pronunciation can’t be changed to understand English talk, news, song we need to understand. So we need to listen of practice without complexity and adopt the style of English.

3. Kala

  • All the Programmes are useful and interesting ones.
  • Weekly test is very useful. After learning the whole week when we do the homework at the end of the week makes us to understand better.

Lokesh:-I am happy to hear the weekly test, actually after each month there will be a monthly test too each day evening evaluation also will help you.

Think that you go for walk, when you go for walk take somebody also wish you.

The same way you remind your colleagues also to do this exercise. Walking is done to be healthy; the same way these exercises will help you do become a better communication

4. Tamilselvi

Everything super, but if we have regular college we can encourage the students to do it every day. As you said “To call others to walk if we had regular college we too will take them far walk. But due to this pandemic situation only few students do this so we couldn’t do it better.

Lokesh : Attendance will be more, but replying will be less everywhere. Target should be reached to the maximum but only 30% will gain. But Transfer your ideas without hesitation later on I will give the solution.

5. Sr. Amali

My suggestion is students & staff some are taking efforts, but if you provide E-certificate each and every day that will be a boost out for them. I don’t know whether it is possible or not.

Lokesh : It is possible, I appreciate your ideas. I have 9000 participants. A certificate what we issue should be valuable. So if we give everyday value may be less. Even then let me try

6. Ms. Kavitha

Small suggestion sir, in the work phrasal verb, grammar and future tense. The fundamental definition if they don’t know it is very difficult to do better, so with details of explanation if you put the video will be very useful

Lokesh : Video should be little more understanding with much difficult if we give they won’t concentration for one word, only one sentence one minute can be given. Like that for each day 5 words are given like going for walking do it continuously.

Pronunciation can’t be changed like the mathematic theory can’t be changed.

Best Practice:

Anything which doesn’t come under curriculum and if it is practiced that is best practice

Criterian 7 speak about “BEST PRACTICE” REP (Regular English Program)

  • It can be implemented in our college
  • we know who all doesn’t understand so weekly once a try can prepare a simplified and understandable video.

Remedial program ( To clear their doubts)

  • Remedial Program for REP for the needy who doesn’t understand the lesion.

    – Staff those are preparing the lesson with simplified material will be helpful for the Remedial Program.

  • Faculties can remind the students to ask why they didn’t participate & make them to attend.
  • – It should be for a short period.

    – It should be practice longer time.

What are the essential steps you have taken to clear the competitive exams?

1. Helping the students to participate in their competitive exams

2. Make the students to do some extra works like

  • Making new sentence,
  • New vocabularies etc. to boost out the students you can have one weekly session to be called ‘Remedial Session’ in explaining the lessons with example, so allow the students to make their own sentence
  • Make as many us students to participate in these sessions
  • Use appreciatable words like good, very good keep it up, etc to encourage the students.

He concluded stating kindly ask the students to subscribe first


A voice and text message was sent to all the staff members in the Idhaya Group and Department Groups separately to remind the BEST PRACTICE (LH –REPS) which was adopted on 14 April to improve the Communicative English.

Nature of Best Practice:

1. LH-REPS is dynamic with a broad view promoting quality of performance (Communication)

2. The implementation strategies include planning (Lady Hawk) resource mobilization (Lady Hawk) monitoring (ICW) and evaluation (Lady Hawk)

  • The instrumental view looks at quality as a strategy.
  • The instrumental view looks at quality as a valve

To Institutionalize the best practice as a integral part of this practice as an integral part of the institutional working along with the faculties students should have 100% participation. The practice is formalized in which the tests are made a formal requirement.

So co-ordinators need to supervise and motivate the participation. These principles should be interpreted and applied appropriately.

Under the guidance of our Principal Sister, Co-ordinators Responsibilities of mentioned below

  • Ms. Antony Shanthi – Overall In charge
  • Ms. Hemalatha – Faculties In charge
  • Ms. Kala – Dept of English
  • TMs. Nithya Prakash – Dept of Tamil
  • Ms. Lily Malar – Dept of CS
  • Ms. Rajeshwari – Dept of Micro Biology
  • Ms. Tamilselvi – Dept of BCA
  • Ms. Sangeetha – Dept of BBA
  • Rev. Sr. Amali – Dept of Chemistry
  • TMs. Latha – Dept of Physics
  • Ms. Kalaivani – Dept of Commerce
  • Ms. Kavitha – Dept of Maths
  • Ms. Nithay Anto – Lady Hawk log note maintenance + daily attendance & activities file record maintenance

In Charge Co-ordinators need to take initiatives

  • MTo make the students to subscribe the channel and also to do the activites.
  • Maintain attendance from April 14th onwards, since it is mandatory to keep the records.
  • The activities which is done by the students need to take screen shots and to send the In charge staff need to take a printout of

1. Attendance

2. Activities done screen shot.


Rev. Sr. Principal had a short meeting with our 1st U.G and P.G students spoke about the LADY HAWK ACEDEMY CLASSES.

Insisted the students to attend the LADY HAWK ACEDEMY CLASSES in the morning to do the activities and the evening sent the ‘Screen shot’ to their in charge staff.


Lady Hawk English Academy has conducted a competition on writing poems on the topic ‘MONEY’ among the Nine Thousand Students from Various Colleges the following our college students have secured 1st three places namely

S.NO Name of the Student Place Department
1 Ms.M.ROSHINI 1 English

Group divisions 2021 – 2022 ODD SEM

Group 1

  • All our faculties

Group 2

  • III Chemistry
  • I Chemistry
  • III Computer Science
  • III Mathematics
  • III Physics
  • III Micro Biology

Group 3

  • II & III English
  • MA English
  • I, II, III B.A Tamil
  • III B.Com

Group 4

  • II Maths
  • II M.Com
  • II Physics
  • II Micro Biology
  • II Chemistry
  • II Computer Science

Group 5

  • I & II BCA
  • II BBA
  • II B.Com



Asked the staff and students to do the Lady Hawk Activities without fail

Informed the Lady Hawk staff leaders to propose one name for the scholarship from Lady Hawk Academy. So they have given the names for

  • B.A English – Ms.D. Divya 3rd Year
  • BCA – Ms. R. Manju 2nd Year
  • Physics – Ms. D. Vinitha 2nd Year
  • Computer Science – Ms. D. Pallavi 2nd Year
  • Maths -Ms. A. Deepalakshmi 2nd Year
  • Micro Biology – Ms. S.Stella 2nd Year
  • Tamil – Ms.Kaviya
  • Chemistry – Ms.S. Vishnu Priya 3rd Year
  • B.Com – Ms. N. Narmatha 3rd Year
  • BBA – Ms. T.Viji 2nd Year