Message from Secretary

From the   Secretary’s Desk

Idhaya College For Women, Pudupalayam has been founded with a great motive of empowering rural girl children with higher education. We strive at the growth of the whole person by importing academic excellence, individual development of skills and character formation based on spiritual and moral values. Each student is viewed as on individual endowed with unique talents, with own character and personality by god. We help them to discover the rich blessings that god has showered on them and to he come a blessing to others by their education.

The fruit of knowledge is wisdom, knowledge helps to know what is good and what is bad. But wisdom helps to choose the best to live.

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The management and faculty always aim at the wishful decision and activities of the students and guide them to do so in every sphere of their life we take steps to teach good manners discipline, fear for healthy behavior and faith in God. People say that this college is a blessing to the people of this area. The parents are happy to send their girl children to our college because it is the women college. Best care, safe and security of the students are taken care. Our institution is very keep on focusing complete physical, intellectual, emotional, social and aesthetic, moral and spiritual dimensions of students and the faculty.

I am immensely happy to share that we have well experienced and excellent principal and staff members. Whom we feel the back bone and Pillars of our college. I feel when our students leave our college, they will shine like a shining stars with their good qualities and virtues and add quality and beauty to them and to their families.

Sr. Julia Violet