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Teacher’s play a major role in making their student as responsible citizen of tomorrow and a good human begins. It is impossible to our lives without teachers. They are correspondence of feature of built a great nation.

Faculties were called from the ( FDP) faculty development programme on entrepreneurship development in S.t Peter’s Institutions of higher education and research, avadi , chennai . in a National level

The Indian Government has sponsored to National science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, DST , Government of India

Invitation were sent to the college and our college has accepted the Invitation and reputed Mrs. SANGEETHA MBA., M. Phil. , Ph.D .,Department of BBA on the FDP 9th December to 21st Dec 2019

The Benefits of the programme everyday different chief guest come and give the Aspects of Entrepreneurship development programme

  • How start small scale industr
  • New project
  • Purchase of raw materials
  • Solving unemployment problem
  • Create employability
  • Strategies for improving small scale enterprise
  • Requesting for funding
  • Market plan
  • Scale Strategies
  • Description of management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Direct and Indirect competitors

On the final day Participation certificate was distribution by the correspondence Technology Business Incubator (TBIof S.t Peter’s institutions of higher Education Researc h, Avadi , chennai


Topic:Howtostarta(SSI)SmallScale Industry

General concept about the Government Formalities Rules and Regulations

This workshop conducted by Mrs. SANGEETHA. , MBA., M.Phil. ,P.hd., (EDC Co-Ordinator) on 17th May 2020.Nearly 45 Student our BBA Department have attended in this workshop on May 17th 2020 through Google Classroom Attachment. The students attended the workshop and received the E-Certificate


Idhaya college for women, pudhupalayam, started the EDC Entrepreneurship Development Cellwith the collaboration of (TBC) Technology Business incubator,by S.tPeter’s Institution of Higher Education and Research. Avadi chennai. As per the request our principal had selected the staff members for our college EDcell. their job Descriptions are:

  • Mrs. SANGEETHA, MBA., M. Phil. (Ph.D).,EEDco- ordinators, Asst. Professor in BBA Department
  • Mrs. Nirmala, M. Sc., M. Phil. Asst. Professor in BCA Department
  • Mrs. Nithiya, MA., B. Ed., M. Phil., Asst.

Professor on English Department

  • Mrs. Vergin Cardiliya, M. Sc., M. Phil., Asst.

Professor in Maths Department

  • Mrs. StellaMary M.sc., M. Phil., B. Ed., Asst.

Professor in Microbiology Department


Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education Department Conducted the “Institution level RuralEntrepreneurshipDevelopment online workshop

Our college EDC organised on online workshop in collaboration with Mahata Gandhi National councile of Rural Education conducted for rural Entrepreneurship development online workshop

Through this workshop students learnt about to start the small Scale Business:

1. Market plan

2. Sales strategy.

3. Requesting for funding

4. Competitive Analysis

5. Direct Competitive of Business

6. Indirect Competitive of business

This meeting started on 15th Feb 2021 . Afternoon 2.00 to 3.00pm Giving the Greatest lecture the Dr.RajiniHeadandprofessorofManagementstudies,velsuniversity,Chennai


1. Dr. Rajini has informed to present a PPT atleast for 10 minutes.

2. Ask our NSS and the volunteer students to register who does the work are eligible

3. If we have more photos of activities put it in drive and sent it.

Example: If they have received any certificate of appreciation tha can be included.

Documentation works do it immediately and be ready whatever activities implemented it should be related toCOVID-19

Mass drive about COVID-19 Prevention very specially regarding the vaccine

  • Make confident in people and very specially to our staff,studentsandother.
  • Even people those who negatively speak about vaccination, talk to them in a positive way,

23/06/2021 Group discussionwith EDC Co-Ordinator s were done by our principal and motivated also encouraged them to make their activities into folder and sent it to MGNCREgroup

Of Idhaya college for women, pudhupalayam T. V. Malai Tamil Nadu has sent the report of the activities done by our students voluntary services to EDUCATE COVID-19 during the month of may and June 2021- more than 27 students have done the activities in a remote villages of Pudhupalayam,chengam, Ammapalayam, padiagraharam,varatharajanpattu,Ayyampalayam,Narayanpalayam,Chennasamuthiram, Unnamalaipalayam, Ottakudisal,Melakodi,kadaladi, Korattampet,T. v. Malai,Thandrambet, puthupattu, Sathanur and Kovilmanjal. And insisted the important of vaccination, created awareness to be away from the crowd, helped the officials during vaccination, distributing mask, Sanitizer and temperature checking to the public

They also planted saplings, prepared posters with explanations to be aware of social distancing hand washing, wearing mask in a proper way and explained to the public. They also went door to door to explain the importance of vaccination, taken care of COVID patients, providing and taught them the techniques of reducing stress etc as a part of 22 days of community engagement activities organized in association wish mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education, ministry of Education under the guidance and motivation of our college principal Dr. Jasmine EDC programme Co-Ordinator Mrs.

Annalakshmi (RRC) Mrs. Stella Mary (AICUF) and Mrs. Nithya Anto (GRC)

28/06/2021Today complete detail of the InstitutionalcommunityEngagement Activities Report was sent

1.Objectivesof theprogram:

– To extend helping hand-Each one reach one by sharing the information and giving emotional support.

  • To appreciate Higher Education Institutions, Faculty members and students for their efforts and the services offered during the COVID pandemic
  • To Constitutes students self help team
  • To develop a framework for the outreach activities
  • To build a COVID volunteerism among the students.
  • To gain expertise on identifying social challenges/ needs/ requirements and offer response.
  • To practice psychology support voluntary skills lucid action.
  • To actualized the students voluntary skills mentored by faculty teams.

Enclosedthe 1 .list of participants involved in 20 day communityEngagement.

2 . Snapshots of Interactions with Institutions oncommunity engagementattachment

28/07/2021 . Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education had published the report of “community engagement2021. Our college report was have received “The Recognitioncertificate for our institution and the Faculties served and students those who have done the activities to prevent COVID- 19 were also awarded a certificate of appreciation of “BEAT COVID CAMPAIGN ”


In order to celebrate vriksha Raksha Bandhanan initiative of mahatmaGandhi National Council of RuralEducation and ministry of Education Government of Indianhas asked alll our college students to


22nd August 2021 following with 4 simple steps

  • Make a beautiful hand make Rakhi
  • Go the location of the tree
  • Tie the Rakhi to the tree and hug the tree
  • Take nice pictures of the event don’t forget to mention # vriksha raksha bandhan- mgncreThis Raksha

bandhan allows the human to Bond with our Nature.This was informed to make their own Rakhi using papers and to tie into va tree and take a photo and sent it into the department group.