To inculcate the habit of reading and to make students to develop into the vast mass of subject knowledge, library is an essential pre requisite. The library of our college comprises of a spacious, well furnished and illuminated hall with adequate seating capacity for the students. The work of manual catalogs has been updated periodically. Our library with its open – rack system, spacious reading room, and reference section provides an atmosphere conducive to do our academic work easily. It consist of wide range of materials comprising more than 3500 volumes of book facilities.

Our college committee aims to keep track of the availability of course material in the library. Keeping this in mind of the changes are implemented in the syllabus by the University. To encourage the students and create awareness among them regarding the usesof the library resources, and maintains in updating the records of the library after each semester exams. It happens in each and every department not less than twice in an academic year.

Working Hours :-

Monday to Saturday : – 9.30 AM – 3.30PM

The library is closed on Sundays and on all Government holidays.

Library Rules : –

1. No printed matters or notebooks are allowed inside.

2. Silence should be maintained in the library and no combined study or group discussion is permitted in.

3. Dictionaries, reference books etc…are to be used within the library.

4. Books must not be marked or defaced in any.

5. Periodically placed on the department books, magazines and newspaper racks should not be mishandled.

Library Books : – As on 11.02.2022

S.No. Department No.of. Books

1. TAMIL 615

2. ENGLISH. 627

3. MATHS. 324

4. PHYSICS. 242



7. B.B.A. 287

8. B.C.A & C S. 299

9. B. COM. 338

TOTAL. 3086