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On 5th july 2019, an outreach programme was conducted by the English department students and it was organized by Mrs. Ayisha and Mrs. Nithya Lecturer in English department. The programme was carried out with the help of 14 students from 2nd and 3rd year.

The students are,

S,Rasathi      – III B.A

K.Sowmiya  – III B.A

P.Anamika   – III B.A

P.Kanchana  – III B.A

E.Bharathi    – III B.A

A.Archana    – III B.A

D.Faritha      – III B.A

S.Shalini       – II B.A

M.Tamilarasi  – II B.A

D.Nisha        – II B.A

J.Ayisha        – II B.A

T.Kaviya      – II B.A

The objective of this event was to create a good basic communication skill in English to the school students. This one day program was very interesting in terms of sharing the knowledge to the different school students from 4th to 8th standard. The students are coming from Nammiyandhal, periyeri, Alliyandhal etc. The students teams and teachers, encouraged and motivated the school students to enlarge their English communication skills. The students team planned their teaching at 4 level.

     First the college students team teach the students how to introduce themselves to others in a short and proper way. The school students learned it quickly and some of the students introduce themselves in-front of other students.

     Secondly, the college students team given the practice to the students to write their family members name in English. The school students practiced their family members name and eagerly wrote their on blackboard.

      Third, the students team practiced them to increase their vocabulary level. They start their practice with Saying fruits name, trees name, plants name etc.

      Finally the students entertained by music and dance to develop their extra-curricular activities. Atlast students gave their feedback that learn the basic life skills such as greetings, introducing, inviting someone, writing skill etc. through this class they learned more vocabularies in a entertained way. They thanked to our college students. Our student volunteers were also motivated and atmost happy for sharing the knowledge. Volunteers enhanced their presentation skill and confidence level. Our sincere thanks to the school students for the co-operation. We would like to thank our principal Sr.Sara Jasmine for motivating to conduct such a useful program.