In our college on 05.07.2019 we conducted the orientation enrollement programme.Rev.Sr.Sara jasmine the principal of our college introduced about the clubs to students,all the club co-ordinators introduced and explained about their clubs.


The objective of CCC is to educate the students about the rights of consumer as stated in consumer protection act 1986.the clubs disseminates information gained through consumer as well as among the people living in their respective locality.

Consumer rights as stipulated under consumer protection act 1986,

*Right to safety

*Right to be informed

*Right to choose

*Right to be heard

*Right to seek redressal

*Right to consumer education

*Right to basic needs

*Right to healthy environment

Also to mobile youngsters by instilling in them the sprit of protection of consumer rights.

To impact knowledge about the role of consumers in protection of their rights and to strengthen the consumerism.

On 06.07.2019 our college organized awareness program about cleanliness.

On 6th july morning during the staff’s prayer our principal explained about and divided all the staff for each club.

Our principal also joined in the cleaning works and insisted the importance of sanitation.

Nearly 210 students of our CCC club participated in this cleaning work.

Our club provided an opportunity to develop leadership experience and relationship with their peers as well as with everyone.


On 27.07.2019 in order to honour the memorial day of DR.APJ ABDULKALAM the farmer president of india our students Garladed his portait


On 27th along with SUCCESS ACADEMY ,S.I coaching centre,Pudupalayam our college NSS students and CITIZEN CONSUMER CLUB together planted 700 saplings,The prepartory works and providing these 700 plants were done by the above said academy.


On 22.08.2019 Citizen consumer club conducted an awareness programme. Mr.Balasubramaniyam,General secretary Erode,Mr.Anbu,Deputy secretary FEDCOT, Chennai, Mr. Rajendran were the cheif guest of the day.

Mr.Rajendran,Taluk supply officer addressed the students about consumer and their duties to buy a product with quality and quantity.With check the MRP and expiring date write buying a product.

He also told to conduct debates, various competitions each and every month and to sent the report to collecterate to get prizes.

Mr.Anbu said that consumer protection Act 1986,promotes and protects the interest of consumer against deficiencies and defects in goods or service.

He also explained about the Logo of products given by BIS(Bureau of Indian Standard)

*Butterfly for silk

*ISI for electronical goods

*AGMARK for edibles

*HALLMARK for gold.

Mr.Balasubramaniyan ,general secretary explained about milk and how the hazardous which affects the children and elders particularly. He emphaized to avoid the excess oil,salt,Ice cream,baby lotion,baby oil and junk food which spoils our health and to leads to acquire many diseases.

He also told that the vaccines must to be stored properly from the time of manufacturing to till they are administered.He insisted to ensure that the vaccines we use must be stored from 20C to 80C temperature in the pharmacy.

Finally our principal Rev.Dr.Sara jasmine thanked the chief guest.This awareness programme imported the knowledge of consumer rights and emphasized to the rational, He empaished buying products don’t blindly believe the attractive advertisements but be alert to find out good products.


On 15.10.2019 our club has organized an awareness programme entitled “consumer protection” through Rally Muththanur village people.It was headed by Mr.Chandran(Ex-president of Muththanur).From our college the organizer of Citizen Consumer Club along with 210 students of CCC along with college CCC Coordinator together participated.

During this programme students went to all the houses and explained to the peoples about consumer protection and gave awareness.

They all have participated very enthusiastically and energetically with guidance of our staff members.

During the Rally students proclaimed these words like,

The flucards were holded by the students.The programme ended at 11.30AM.

On 07.02.2020 we have conducted the competitions about CONSUMER PROTECTION AND RIGHTS for the physics and Maths students from 10.30a.m to 12.20p.m by CCC co-ordinator.

The events are,


2.Essay writing


Totally 35 students participated in each competitions.At last we have selected the winners.They are,


1.Shanmugavalli.V-II Maths

2.Badmavathi M-II Maths

3.Poojabutt V-III Maths


1.Ananthi M – III Maths

2.Sindhu S- II Maths

3.Sangeetha R- III Maths


1.Anbarasi A- II Maths

2.Charumathy M-II Physics

3.Afrin V- III Maths

from these winners our district collecterate has selected one member from each college.The selected one Anbarasi A went on Feb 20th to district collecterate, to receive the award from our district collector Mr.KANTHASAMY IAS.He has awarded a certificate and prize to the first place student for the poetry competition.

On 22.05.2020 our club has conducted the QUIZ programme about Citizen Consumer Club throuth online.For this programme we have distributed the E-Certificates for those who participated.

Totally 35 members have participated in this programme.They are,

1.Rajeshwari R

2.Archana S

3.Brinda M

4.Premalatha R

5.Divyasree B

6.Arunadevi S


8.Sathya priyarani

9.Aysha J

10.Manju R

11.suganya J

12.Meena E

13.Dhanalahshmi J

14.Chandhiral G

15.Raveena R

16.Kokila M


18.Varshini P


20.Lakshmi V

21.Shobana S

22.Vedha G

23.Vaishali S


25.Harini A

26.Mahalakshmi A

27.Mahalakshmi E

28.Tamilselvi K

29.Shalini K

30.Sharmila T


32.Poojabut V

33.Deepalakshmi J

34.Lakshmi S

35.Susmitha K

On 30.01.2021 at 10.00am National Voters day awareness rally was conducted by our staffs and students.The rally started from Unnamalaipalayam to our college campus.

Our Citizen Consumer Club students participated and motivated voters to select good leader for our nation.

Rev.Sr.Sara Jasmine the principal of our college,Rev.Mother Alex Mary,Idhaya social centre,Mr.Sundarapandiyan,chairman pudupalayam graced the occasion.

Mr.Sundarapandiyan addressed the students about the importance of voting and electing good and honest person to build strong nation.After hisaddressed he inagurated the rally by shaking A GREEN FLAG and declared the rally to open.

The rally ended into our campus and finally everyone took voters day oath.


On 06.08.2021 our citizen Consumer Club has taken the incharge of Drawing, Dance and Tamil aaththichchoodi about covid-19.

Eight of our department of physics students participated in this Corona awareness competitions.

Our club coordinator G.Chandhiral has conducted this awareness program. She explained about the rules of this competitions.

Our students have given the message about corona awareness such as, * Wearthe mask.

* Washing hands frequently

* Keep social distance

* Get Vaccinated..

Each and every students have participated very eagerly and enthusiastically.



On 01.09.2021 our Citizen Consumer Club has organized Special VACCINATION CAMP in our college. According to the Suggestions of our TIRUVANNAMALAI COLLECTOR Vaccine camp was organized for our students those who are aged 18 years and above to immunization. get

Our cheif guest Dr.SAVITHA gave the Suggestions about the vaccinations to save the Society from the upcoming danger of CORONA in future.

Apart from this habits like Wearing mask, Keeping distance of twoyards, Hand and mouth cleaningare very important even after vaccination.

Nearly 65 of our staff and students have vaccinated through this camp.

Our club students helped the medical team in arranging and providing tea and snacks for them.