Chemistry outreach


On this day students have performed another project work in the village called Pudhur chengam to improve their practical skills as well as for the welfare of the community around our college area. Though it is a small project work, but it was done with commitment and team work .The procedure for making heel cream was given to them in order to prepare it in our Chemistry lab. It was a perfect outcome which can be used for eruption on the foot. This was made couple of weeks before and tested as trial by the students before they brought into public. The crakes on the heel disappeared after applying the cream which was made by them.

The same methodology was used to prepare the cream at the spot where people gathered in Pudhur Chengam. Since it was informed earlier people were gathered at the expected time. Most of the participants in this programme are ladies through whom we were able to reach all the members in the family according to a proverb “educating a woman is educating the nation”. They were very happy for learning to make the cream for eradicating foot eruption.

II. (04. 01. 2020) HAND WASH LIQUID:

Teachers teach more by what they are than by what they say

It was proved by their selfless service. Since theStudents were enthusiastic and active in their mind and also influenced to continue their small scale project in the villages apart from their academic syllabus.

Since it was the season of Covid-19 there was immense need for hand wash liquid, sanitizer and for the mask .Our Department initiated to sensitize the people for preparing hand washes liquid with whatever requirements available commonly. Miss. Mathumitha, Miss. Sevithya and Miss. Sindhu from II chemistry volunteered themselves to overtake the responsibilities in teaching the procedure to the village people at Periyeri. People who participated in this programme has tested the liquid for washing their hands and found it was functioning as thoroughly as detergents. Participants had great hope and trust on our student’s performance.

Hard work does not generate success but improves its chances”

B.J. Gupta.

With all the hard works and sacrificial mind students paved the way for the success in all their simple efforts have taken.

III. (06.01.2021) Soap Making:

We experienced the soap product made in the previous year from chemistry lab which was a perfect outcome of student’s efforts. Since it was affordable and useful in day today human life we have decided to promote it to the village people around the locality of our college considering the years of corona.

A group of students those who knew the procedure to prepare the soap took extra efforts to reach out the people along with Sr. Amali HOD of Chemistry department to the place called Unnamalaipalyam 200m away from our college, where we found many children, women, drop outs, youth boys and girls can profit. Idhaya college students from chemistry department went around the village and also each and every house for sensitising them to participate in this programme. Some good number people responded to it and gathered in the bus stop place including the passer by. Since it was election time people who came for campaigning also joined in this programme.

C. Kalviyarasi ,P. Bhuvaneswari and K. Mahalakshmi has explained the procedure to make the soap preparation and given the procedure for people also to make on their own. The slurry was poured in the moulds for drying and we provided the soaps for washing what we made before. People were instructed clearly to use the soap after 30 days.

All people were impressed since it was composed of all natural components such as coconut oil, aloevera, turmeric ingredients added to it. Moreover people were interested to make the soap for their own by themselves. The feedback from the people was very positive and they have welcomed amidst them. We assured our hope in meeting them in another workshop.

IV. (12.02.2021)

Synthetic Rayon: (Thread making)

It is also one of the small scale project works for the people. Our purpose is mainly to impart the knowledge among them by a group of students who are coming to college from Kidampalayam. Specifically P. Renuga, E. Deepika and V.Vasanthi brought forth their hard works in gathering the people and performed the experiment how to make thread from cotton. Some good number of students and people from Kidampalayam have responded and benefitted through this programme. Short procedure was dictated to the people in Tamil. Some of the other college students who were around the village also participated. It was worthwhile to improve their practical skills for the students.


Since March 2020 the whole world has been troubled by the infectious disease of corona people were sensitized to be protected from the virus. As a result of infectious disease has been increased gradually among the people and the poor people were really” hanging on by fingernails “for their daily wages. As they were setting right back to their normal life the second wave of new strained corona has started to spread. Clinging the idea of first wave corona people are not much aware of the symptoms and causes of the second type of corona. People in the village were progressing their normal life living as usual without much restriction.

We the staff and students R. Thenmozhi, S. Jansini, R. Nithya from chemistry department of Idhaya College volunteered ourselves to go to the Unnamalaipalayam, pudur Chengam and Periyeri villages for “Covid –19 awareness”. Sr. Amali gave speech on strained corona and its symptoms. She insisted in telling the symptoms of new corona which affects the people with no fever but with the severe headache, body pains, and itches on the skin, throat infection and dizziness. She also mentioned the safety measures and precautions to be taken by wearing the mask, washing the hands with soap and maintain social distance. Students organised demonstration for all the children who were attending the programme for washing of their hands before entering their house whenever they go outside.” Action speaks louder than voice. Yes through the Demonstration College students made better performance.