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About Physics Department :

The department of Physics was established in the year 2004 with a view of imparting scientific and creation knowledge among the students to develop an independent thinking to achieve their goal and to provide education at the bachelor level in the basic science. The main focus is to promote the knowledge of Physics through innovative teaching methods and applied everyday like skills. Our department has a fully functional and advanced laboratory creating a conductive atmosphere for true learning. The department has a team of highly accelerated, qualified and experience faculty members. Since then 12 batches of B.Sc., Physics students successfully completed their degree courses.

Vision and Mission

  • Proving a powerful foundation in Physics to shin high grade researchers.

  • To convey basic concept of Physics to progressive graduates.

  • To inspire and prepare the students to develop the physics knowledge.

Future Plan of the Department

In future we are going to start the M.Sc., Physics from the next academic year. We are planned to conduct the national and international level seminar.

About the Physics

The word Physics comes from the Greek “Knowledge of nature” and in general, the filed aims to analyze and understand the natural phenomena of the universe.

One thing may come to mind when you thing of physics is the many scientific laws which are statement describing phenomena that have been repeatedly tested and confirmed. This is actually an important of Physics. Physicists perform and repeat experiments, to formulate these laws and explain how our universe works. These laws (such as gravity and Newton law of motion) are show thoroughly tested that they are accepts as “truths” and they can be used to help us predict how their things will behave.

Because physics explains natural phenomena in the universe, it’s often considered to be most fundamental science. It provides a basis for all other science without physics you couldn’t have maths, biology, chemistry or anything else.

Disciplines of Physics

Physics is a broad and complex field. It covers everything from sound and light to nuclear science and geology. Because of this it’s been divided into different branches. So that scientist can specialize in their knowledge of physics.

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